Emerging Businesses

Small and growing businesses need help dealing with their HR and recruiting challenges just as much as, if not more, than larger established companies. Startups and sole proprietors need to keep internal operations lean, freeing stakeholders to focus on their core areas of expertise. Emerging businesses also need to attract and recruit stellar talent as a key strategy for future success.

The Verity Group can help determine your recruiting needs and screen, interview, and assess candidates to ensure you make well-informed hiring decisions. We’re able to cast a wide, targeted net to identify top talent and provide our clients with vast insight on the recruiting marketplace for their strategic advantage.

Company culture and employee engagement are two critical factors in attracting and retaining top talent for emerging businesses. Because of our focus on small and mid-size businesses, The Verity Group can show you how your firm is competing against others in your industry. Our in-depth HR expertise can help you build a compliant business and motivated workforce.

Whether you outsource some or all of your human resources function, our complete HR life cycle services can help you create new systems and better work practices for aligning your employees with the firm’s immediate and future business goals.

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