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The Verity Group 5-Year Anniversary

The Verity Group Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary

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This month marks The Verity Group’s 5-Year Anniversary!

As if surviving this year hasn’t been challenging enough, over the past couple of years we’ve weathered some major lifestyle changes, both personally and professionally. Considering 45% of businesses fail during the first five years, we’re incredibly proud to be celebrating this milestone!

Through these challenges, we’ve also grown as individuals and business owners. We decided to launch The HR Ladies Group earlier this year to create a forum where we could lend advice, facilitate discussions, and build deeper connections within the HR community understanding that together, we are stronger.

Over the last five years of running a small business, we’ve learned an awful lot about entrepreneurship that you don’t know until you’re in it! Here are 16 of those lessons.

We owe our success to our team, our families, and our incredible network of partners and clients. We’re truly grateful for your support and look forward to many more years of continued success!

Converting Satisfied to Engaged Employees

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There was a time when we considered “employee satisfaction” a win in the workplace. Nowadays, especially while overseeing a remote workforce, having satisfied employees isn’t enough. You need engaged employees to innovate, further company goals, and deliver on your brand promises.

Satisfied employees are content. They do what they’re supposed to do when asked to do it. They’re productive and feel adequately compensated for the work they do. Engaged employees are raving fans–they gush to everyone about how much they love their job. They consistently go above and beyond and proactively identify and address issues and opportunities. And most importantly, they help recruit new employees and customers.

Do you know how to pivot from satisfied to engaged employees? Hint: it’s not just about your benefits package…

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